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Plant List Spell Checker

Regional Scientific Name Style
Washington; Use WTU names.
Oregon; Use Oregon Vascular Plant Checklist names.
California; Use Jepson names.
Use eFloras.org names.
Use SEINet names. Southwest US.
Use ITIS names when a regional name not found.
Accept Binomial Name when Trinomial Name found.
Input Style
Input is standard scientific names
Example: Vicia americana and
Vicia americana ssp. oregana
Input has subspecies without "ssp."
Example: Vicia americana oregana

Output Style
Output to be genus and species only
Example: Vicia americana
Output can have var. variety or ssp. subspecies
Example: Vicia americana ssp. oregana
Omit "ssp." and "var."
Example: Vicia americana oregana
Produce output with color."
Green for good name, blue for changed name, red for unrecognized name.

Operations to be Performed
Correct Typographic Errors
Example: Achillea millifolium changed to Achillea millefolium
Convert Old Names to New Names
Example: Aster subspicatus changed to Symphyotrichum subspicatum
For new names also output original name
Example: Symphyotrichum subspicatum (Aster subspicatus)

Paste scientific plant names into the box below and then press